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Premium Services

We face many challenges along the years. We followed IBM Maximo evolving and we love what we do!

We are specialized in both technical and functional areas of IBM Maximo and IT related products, such as ITSM, TSRM and SCCD. If you need to perform tasks since a single data load to a full integration process, a new report, a new application, a bug fix,... contact us. First we understand your needs and then we prepare the strategy to build and deploy just in time and with major quality. We are focused on providing services for consultancy companies we work in a way that you feel comfortable by following how things are going. We value transparency from both sides.

Our Customers

Take a look bellow to learn about some tasks we do:

If you need to load your Maximo objects with asset, location, item, inventory, PRs, POs, Contracts or any other data, we can do it for you in several ways using MEA/MIF through interface tables, csv or XML files, database load or application upload (Maximo 7.5 and above).\r\nWe can handle your excel files so the import files can be developed. All data loading must be tested as many times as needed.

IBM Maximo provides many ways to integrate with external systems. MEA (or MIF for the newer Maximo versions) has standard products to integrate Maximo with SAP through XI using IDOCS or with Oracle using database objects.Maximo can also be integrated with other ERPs and several brands of software. The integration can be performed with Web Services, CSV files or interface tables, everything done with external systems structure.
An integration process can be rather complex depending on the business needs, but we have many years of experience in that area. After we get to know your need we present the proper solution for your integration.

Our consultants have many years of experience developing business rules using Java classes, Maximo base services resources and automation scripts. Depending on the need you have, we can define together the development strategy.
For example:\r\n\r\na bean Java class mandatory for new application screen interface, a complex cron task, or even a complex business rule; An automation script can be used to set a field or object access or a new conditional expression to the same end.

Sometimes the customer needs to create new applications or edit existing ones using Maximo's application designer along with another tasks, such as new persistent or non persistent objects, relationships, indexes, business rules, signature options for the security groups, dialog windows and other related artifacts. We can fully customize your IBM Maximo according to your needs.

Workflows in Maximo can be very complex. From the definition to the design and it's actions, we can go through all the steps with you so the business can routed at its best.

IBM Maximo configuration can be tricky sometimes, but it's often more like a hard work. Activities like multisite definition, administration, cron tasks and escalations configuration, KPIs, query design, workflow development, BIRT reporting, security groups... we have the expertise to do it for you. And if you need training, just call us.

If you need report problem solving, development or adjustment, call us. From BIRT to Cognos, we can help you. We have developed many complex reports over the years.

We know for a fact that sometimes Maximo issues regarding customization can be very painful to find. Often we have to investigate a lot because Maximo base services is a great, but a very complex framework. You can count on us to execute this hard work while you focus your concerns on more important things.

Contract Types

Time-Material: We can execute tasks on demand charging by the hour, which are estimated by our senior consultants and we deliver just in time, as agreed and with high quality because we take our testing very seriously. All the hours are charged and this kind of contract is commonly used for punctual demands. We have a special starting price for new customers.
Fixed-Price: The second way it is a fixed-price agreed regardless of the hours, obviously with a deadline to deliver as well. This contract is usually agreed for bigger projects.
Monthly Support: We have a fixed monthly price for technical support. Contact us for more detailed information.

IBM Maximo experts

Our IBM Maximo specialists know the business. We have just the resource you need to do the trick.


We also provide services for Smart Cloud Control Desk and Tivoli Service Request Manager and every other tool built under Maximo Base Services.


Our consultants are based in Brazil. Our job is always done remotely.


We take very seriously the estimates we make. You get your product on the agreed date. There are exceptions for cases where obviously depend on information or data beyond our demand.


We have strict procedures for testing. All of our estimates consider testing hours.